I saw a wonderful movie last night.


I cannot help loving her in spite of her many faults.


We were all very touched.

I was going to ask Lin about it but never got the chance.

This soup smells horrible. Do you think it's gone off?

He can't stop me.

We looked out the window but saw nothing.


You're finished in Boston.

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Why is Stewart just standing there?

Get a hammer and nails.

Mother looked after my dog during the trip.

It's cool today.

The hotels along the beach have been evacuated.

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Where are you planning to spend the night?


He's an accomplished artist.

What're you planning to do after you graduate from high school?

You promised that you'd stand by me through thick and thin.

I cooked this especially for you.

I think about her all day.

Wade felt very sleepy.

We can talk in front of her.

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It looks like Lord was correct.

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The company president has hired a headhunter to find us a new sales manager.

She said this.

You were nice.

He was knee deep in mud.

I bought a set of table linen.


Are you sure you've never met Kory?

We're a married couple.

Let me look into it.

I'm a late sleeper.

I just want to help her.

I'm dying to expand my business.

Our aim is that, when planning classes, we know how to select stimulating material for the students and how to put it into use.

He said that he would help me.

I like him the best.


Call 911!


He has one son and two daughters.

Let's go get lunch.

What did you do with that camera?


Ami sat on the grass under a coconut tree.


There's a guy downstairs asking for you.

Who plays the lead?

The ship, covered in thick fog, set sail at dawn.


I could give it a try.

They're lucky.

Woody wants me to talk to Billy about that matter.

All of her children were born with Down syndrome.

I'm afraid I have to turn you down.


That seems weird.

Nhan is waiting for the bus.

Andrew made it happen.

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Olaf and I are both in the same class.

Floria allowed the police to search his home.

Their offer to buy the house was rejected.


Nora disappeared after school.


Calvin is simple.


I've had no problems with her.

I forgot my medications.

Will those trends continue?

The new method is well worth consideration.

She is in partial agreement with this decision.


Nine years ago, our parents died in a car crash.


Griff speaks French much better than English.

I can't help but feel like I've forgotten something.

Is that really important?


Syun is really angry.


I know the man you came with.


You must tell them the truth.

As soon as I get up, I have a shower.

The addict died from a drug overdose.

We'll try our best.

We must lose no time in escaping.

Lester broke the record.

You'll wear yourself out with all that pacing.

What time does the train reach Osaka?

That room is filled with a cloud of cigarette smoke.

This is the last challenge.

We've talked about it.

How soon can you have the report finished?

Leonard hung up on me.

I will endure.

Tell us what you know about Cristina's family.

Tollefsen has no idea what's going on here.

We can clearly see the cycle of the seasons in Canada.

I only have eyes for you - honestly.

Don't stay underwater.

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I'm going to Mainz and then to Cologne next year.

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I didn't agree to meet Barton.

I was a stranger in Boston.

I've never felt better.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Women's rights are human rights.


I like milk and bread.


The little boy is clever.


The police will look into the theft.

Marika is Finnish, but she knows German.

Companions with the same aim, to carve out their own future, cooperate with each other.

Please keep from breaking the eggs.

Carolyn is vain, isn't he?


I will borrow it then, if you insist.

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

I expected Tharen to at least offer to help.

I was laughing my head off at the way he looked.

Studying is important.

Don't you tell me my job.

That may not be possible.

I'll decide what to do.

Let's wind up our work.


We waited.


Do you go by bus, by train, or by subway?

I asked her to stay out of it.

That was really interesting.

Her car might be more pleasant to drive, but it also costs her more for maintenance.

It's their choice.

I'm Gale's assistant.

He did not get any game.

Can I buy only the lenses?

They could not set out because it snowed heavily.

I let my emotions cloud my judgment.

Maybe we should tell him.

In one's reading, great writers of the past must be given the most attention.

Instead of waiting for Renu, let's eat now before the food gets cold.

In 1683, the Turks besieged Vienne for the second time.

Wherever she goes, she is well liked.

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You're shivering. Are you cold?

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I think that's a big deal.


That sounds vaguely familiar.

Who doesn't hope for peace and security?

Isaac realized he was in trouble.

He sat up late at night.

I won't forget that.

You feel much better when you get enough rest every night.

We are left with having to postpone our departure.

I speak Japanese, English, and French.

A change is as good as a holiday.

There were hundreds of people there.

We have a new head coach.

I need proof.

I enjoyed your company.

In any case, I must finish this work by tomorrow.

They didn't come in spite of my orders.


He is only six months old.

I don't have much in common with my left-handed boyfriend.

Did anybody take notes?

An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, an adjective and sometimes another adverb.

You look very delighted.

Rockefeller was governor of New York.

There is so much to do, and only a lifetime to do it.

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All the members of the committee hate one another.

Heinz left his parents' house this spring and has been living alone since then.

Could you please talk a bit louder? I can't hear very well.


I didn't want to ruin the day for you.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.

I like her. She's so beautiful!

Where are your credit cards?

The conference wraps up tomorrow.

It will be cold.

Aim the gun at the target.


You said you wanted to be a teacher.